BUG: Plasma 6: window decorations move independently of the window content

A new behavior that I’ve noticed with Plasma 6 (Wayland session) is that the window decorations and window content do not move together. If you look real close, as you move a window the title bar will become misaligned from the top of the window. If you move your mouse real slow, you can actually move the titlebar around without moving the content of the window at all.

Also, it would be nice if I could upload screen caps from the built in tool in Plasma… but this forum software does not support webm extensions. I guess you’ll just have to replicate the behavior on your own. However, it was the very first thing I noticed as soon as booting into Plasma 6, so I’m sure you won’t have any trouble. It was immediately apparent to me.

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What distribution are you on?

Manjaro, fully up to date as of today.

Like I said, I had recorded a screencap showing the issue, but you can still see it in this screen shot

Look at it full size, and notice that the titlebar is offset by perhaps a few pixels.

I confirmed that it happens with Breeze as well, so it’s not a theme issue.

I guess i would try resetting KDE completely, if that works for you, unfortunately I have not had that happen to me. So I don’t have any experience to help you with this other than resetting KDE.

I don’t think it’s an issue that resetting will fix, I think it’s a kwin issue. I’ve got 2 more computers to update to Plasma 6. If they don’t display the same behavior than it may be a config issue, but I’ll be shocked if that’s the case.

X11 or Wayland, or both?

Fractional scaling?

Wayland, 100% scaling. Have not tried X11, I’ll report back on that.

I would check you window management settings (all of them)

if that is not the case then just reset every config file that kwin uses, if that doesnt work then just reinstall

What am I looking for? Nothing is out of the ordinary

Well, because I don’t have access to your computer (nor do I want to.) You will probably just have to try various things and see what works.