Bug: Taskbar icon does not update properly

Filing a bug on bugs.kde.org is a bit problematic because of a lack of a general section where people unfamiliar can post. I am posting it here in hopes of getting feedback on where to file this.

The application in question here is zulip and it’s supposed to be a circle with a number inside for unread messages, but that is obviously not the case here

Probably relevant setup:

  • Fedora 40
  • Wayland
  • 4k display with 150% zoom

Zulip is not part/software of KDE, maybe here is better: GitHub - zulip/zulip: Zulip server and web application. Open-source team chat that helps teams stay productive and focused. (-> Issues)

I am aware of that, but this did not occur prior to updating to F40 and KDE6 and enabling 150% zoom, this is why I posted here. And the last update of zulip that I had was the day prior. Granted I did not deliberately check if such issues were there in the time between.

But you reckon this isn’t affected by KDE6 upgrade and it’s more upstream?

well that’s new info. From what I see zulip must be an electron app, do you have any other electron app that displays icon notification to test? Maybe signal is like that, I don’t know for sure. Maybe someone else knows more / can confirm.