Build/Install KDE with alternative prefix path

Simple question here, given that I’m trying to build and install KDE from source code:
would there be an instability, malfunction or any problems of this kind if I decided to install KDE Plasma with a prefix path that isn’t /usr/ or /usr/local? For example, in /opt/kde, etc?

Do you think it would work well?
My target distro is Debian, if it matters.

Thanks :slight_smile:

you probably shouldn’t put your custom built KDE stuff in /usr or /usr/local if these are dev builds

Understood. My goal is to build a full KDE Plasma desktop from scratch, installed as a stable environment for daily use and without any other installation of KDE related packages; so it wouldn’t really be a “dev build”… : |

So you’re telling me it doesn’t cause any problems to build & install KDE in opt/kde?

As long as you set up your environment variables correctly, it should be fine

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Alright, thank you very much!