Build Okular project for windows

I want to build Okular project at windows. I installed CMake, and run command as follow.

cmake …

But it needs ECM, how can I prepare it?

The way you’d build projects on Windows is with Craft.


There used to be that you could find windows builds on many projects at

did that move to somewhere else or is it discontinued?

Binary Factory was discontinued, it was a Jenkins instance for building executables and other things. We’re in a transition period so everything is going to be published via Gitlab instead. It was recently implemented, so apps still need to adjust their stuff to point to the new place now.

so do I need to go to each specific project to get the windows version or will there be a centralized place for binaries?

The new central place for nightly build on macOS, Windows and Appimages for Linux is Index of /ci-builds . If nightlies for your favorite app are missing please reach out to the specific project.

Please not that Binary Factory was not meant to provide stable versions and the same applies to the new location. Stable builds should be available on the homepage of the project. If not, again, please contact the project.

Please read Linking to Gitlab CD build results for further details

For Okular in particular please see Add Windows Craft jobs (!949) · Merge requests · Graphics / Okular · GitLab

Thank you for your reply.

I will use craft.
But how can I compile using craft? I have already installed craft.
Also, cloned okular git repo.
How can I compile okular project using craft?

Thank you.

I’m not familiar with the process yet, but the link I mentioned above explains how to build it.

If I’m not mistaken, you first build okular with craft okular, change to the sources with cs, modify the code, then run a different command to rebuild the project with your changes.