Building qt6 library and first kde app

Hello all! I am trying to make my first kde app and I need to use a qt library that in my system (Fedora 37) is only available as a qt6 library. I first used qt5 libraries but then I learned that I could not mix them, so I am guessing I have to replace everything for a qt6 library. I have installed several qt6 devel libraries and packages but keep facing errors while attempting to build. Is there a guide I could follow on how to make a qt6 app or set the necessary environment to make a qt6 app? Am I wrong if I want to do it in an otherwise qt5 system? Sorry if I’m confusing, feel free to ask anything if you didn’t get something.

I’m no software developer but I can offer two suggestions. Post errors if you get them and share your source somewhere and link to it (if your application is open source). These will allow any other users to help far more easily.

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