Bulk deletions and movements of associated applications to file types?

Sometimes I want to delete and/or move up and/or down multiple via this, but haven’t ascertained yet how to. Can bulk modifications be done via any default KDE Plasma-provided GUI? Ctrl and Shift don’t appear to work.

I rather wish it were like a Dolphin KPart (at least a list with checkboxes) so that this were more intuitive.

Tell me I’m reading your Q wrong ?
What I see is one App (ark ) and you want to move up or down HUH there is only one it cannot be moved up or down the list,
again did I read this wrong ? .


…demonstrates it better. The previous image was merely illustrative, because I hadn’t found a file type with multiple application associations when I posted that.

For example, in this specific instance, I’d like to be able to remove YaST Software and YaST 1-Click Install erroneously associated with .png, but in other instances I’ve wanted to remove up to 7 for different reasons.

What you wanting to know is remove (use the remove button) but highlight more than 1 item at a time same as some other menus left mouse and shift yeah am I now on the same page ?

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I believe that we are.

It is admirable that you want to find way to streamline your work, the real problem I see is that your using what valuable time you have to accomplish shortcuts/options that don’t often get used and removing one by one of the entries is a pita (I know been there) when you know there more efficient ways of doing, you have to weigh up is the time spent chasing these seldom used issues worth the time and effort when your skills could be used for important items.
That is up to you sir.
While your here that problem you had with the long folder name an idea a suggestion
Give the folder a very short remember-able name then inside have a text file with all the context that you need, tidier and some backup utilities dont like loong folder or file names and will kick up errors (yes I have done also) Luckybackup hates loong folder/file names
Hope this help you.


I’m in agreement here.

  1. It’s ridiculous to have to use the shortcuts (Alt+U for Up) or click the button - it should be trivial to click-drag items to move them around the list.

  2. It should be possible to press SHIFT to multi-select items for removal, or even select ALL items and then click to remove a couple you want to keep before removing all remaining.

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Seems that it’s not possible, then, as I suspected. Thanks @benkde and @artytux. I’ll request that this become possible:


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Often not remembered is that the volunteers set up things to be useful in the basic form, in as far as to the amount of use the item would get then the volunteers moved on to the next project and since these options (that are requested) certainly would be useful.
How many Linux users actually would use those options (bulk deletion) , consider that this gets used mostly only when setting up a new app or a change in the workflow,
lots of people don’t even read the how to for software, also some people that don’t bother to look for or at the options on the screen or in the menu for an app.
(example) The delay option on the app Spectacle (it’s right there in front top (first thing I noticed) and yet it’s a Q asked in forums not often but asked none the less and to me that is so irritating I refuse to help what I think are “Help Vampires”.


Not you guys no you know the stupid Q’s when a bit of research would find the solution, requests for changes is different.
That’s probably why some apps/utilities have only a basic build, not worth it for the traffic flow and time can be better spent on more demanding tasks (another eg) the desktop cube I absolutely adore (that eyecandy), but getting rid of it (displeasure) frees up time for to do more dev work (yeah good :grinning: alright)
It’s a fine job of balancing time and work to be done for the most part the volunteers. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Indeed, @artytux, it appears that I shall have to do this myself at some point, per https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=475471#c1.


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