[call for proposals] Want to start contributing to KDE? It's time to submit proposals for our mentorship program SOK24 (deadline: 8 Jan.)

For all of you KDE users and potentially new contributors eager to work on a kool KDE project: We are happy to announce we have several mentoring ideas for Season Of KDE 2024 for you :slight_smile:

How do you participate?

It’s easy: Check out the SOK24 ideas page below, find the project that excites you, and plan a proposal with 10-week timeline (mentored work starts 17 January and ends 31 March). Mentoring ideas for SOK24 can be found here:

Ideas: SoK/Ideas/2024 - KDE Community Wiki

Deadline: Monday 8 January (23:55 UTC)

To submit a proposal, create an issue at the Invent link below using the template “sok_proposal”. At the issue, you can discuss with mentors in the comments. If you would like feedback make sure to submit a complete draft of your proposal early in the process, that way there is plenty of time before the 8 January deadline. However, please don’t forget: mentors may be busy and it is possible they cannot give detailed feedback on every draft submitted.

Below is the Invent link. The information provided there is short, make sure you have read it!

Teams / Season of KDE / 2024 · GitLab

Note: when you submit, edit only the text in the “sok_proposal” template and do NOT edit the other fields (i.e., “This issue is confidential …”, “Assignee”, “Due date”, “milestone”, “Labels”) – leave them as they are, everything is already set correctly in the template.

If you do not have an account already, you will need an Invent account before you submit a proposal and participate in SOK24. You can register for an account here:


For SOK24 timeline and general information:

SoK - KDE Mentorship

If you have general questions about the process please reach out to us, preferably at the Matrix room #kde-soc:kde.org. [1]

Let’s make SOK24 a great season for KDE!


Joseph and Johnny
(on behalf of the mentorship admin team and SOK24 projects)

Hashtag: #SOK24 (note the capital O for screen readers [2])

[1] https://webchat.kde.org/#/room/#kde-soc:kde.org
[2] How do I make posts more accessible to blind people on Mastodon and the Fediverse? | Fedi.Tips – An Unofficial Guide to Mastodon and the Fediverse (bullet point 2)