Can attribute truncation in #Dolphin be prevented?

I’m not asking for word wrapping.

I have lots of files with multiline comments and names. However, Dolphin displays the comments to single lines and doesn’t even display the second lines of the names sometimes, other times doing the same as with the comments.

Can I disable this functionality? In every other table-formatted application I’ve used (admittedly only LibreOffice’s Base and Calc, and Microsoft 365/Office’s counterparts) subsequent lines are displayed by merely increasing the height of the cell enough to display them.

Where is the truncation happening? Can you share a screenshot?

I suspect the answer is “this isn’t implemented right now” but only a screenshot will make it possible to answer the question for sure.

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Apologies, I could have sworn that the last time I checked, any other lines were simply hidden. Perhaps I was doing something extra weird. (Either that or the behaviour changed.)

It seems now that multiline file names are concatenated. It’s still annoying, but much better than I recall.


In retrospect, maybe 452587 – File renaming with newlines does not work very well was what was affecting me. It’s a vaguely similar time period.