Can Digikam write metadata to file by default?

Hi all, I am trying to get Digikam 8.1 on MacOS to write any metadata changes directly to file or alternatively to a sidecar.

I started my journey with Digikam many years ago, then Aperture, then Lightroom, then iPhotos, etc. Each of them had a database I had to reverse engineer and script to get the changes I made to the images. The whole non-destructive changes just means if you leave the platform, you lose all the work you put into improving the metadata on your images.

It seems possible for Digikam to write directly to file but I can’t figure out which setting that might be nor if it works on MacOS.

Can anyone advise me?


It seems I got it to work. Not quite sure how, I changed a lot of settings. I’ll reinstall and be more deliberate about it.

It seems I’m going back to my new love.

Thank you KDE team for such great products.

Edit: I think the option that made this possible was in

Settings > Metadata > Sidecars

I enabled Read and write to Sidecars and “Write to XMP sidecars for read-only item only”

Thanks for the tip! I had a similar issue previously, when using digikam. I’ll check it out.