Can i change Contrast instead of Brightness?

Hello, my Screen hardly seems to use “Brightness” to adjust the actual brightness (it’s set pretty much to the lowest level when using the screens default settings). Instead it uses contrast however that makes the brightness setting from KDE kinda useless since i can’t use it to adjust the actual brightness since my screen is already set on the lowest brightness level. Is there a way to change the Contrast or Gamma instead? And if that is possible how would that work with the Energysaving mode (it also seems to dim Screen by just change brightness)?

Hi, this isn’t currently possible with Plasma 6.0 on Wayland. If you’re still using X11, I think xrandr --brightness should do what you asked, which uses gamma to dim the screen (at the expense of lower color depth).

Plasma 6.1 will be introducing a new Wayland property that functions in a similar way, although at the moment it’s only implemented for HDR displays (when HDR is enabled). We’ll investigate expanding this to more display types, but Plasma only supports a single brightness control through the the PowerDevil service (the same one that also controls dimming) and Brightness applet right now. There is some extra complexity involved in making it work right for regular displays without breaking existing controls.

If your screen is an external monitor with support for DDC/CI, you could play with the ddcutil tool to find the right commands for changing brightness/contrast/gamma/etc. for your use case. Then set a shortcut for that particular command in System Settings → Keyboard → Shortcuts. You can also look into GitHub - digitaltrails/vdu_controls: VDU controls - a control panel for monitor brightness/contrast/... which provides a graphical interface for both brightness and contrast of monitors via DDC/CI. However, dimming will probably override this so it might be best to disable it in that case.