Can I copy an image from #Spectacle in a format different to the default?

By default, spectacle saves my images as .tiff (in order to save them using a format which uses lossless compression and includes more metadata than .png by default). However, I frequently want to copy these screenshots as .png files for websites like Discourse.

I don’t seem to be able to do this without first having to save the image as .png, after which I’m able to use “Copy” to copy it to the clipboard as whatever I saved it as (.png). Is there a way to skip this step – a “Copy as”?

Hey there @rokejulianlockhart
Open Spectacle goto Configure > Save
from there is the filename option, on the right hand side of that there is a box with a V choices of save formats.
click on that there, there is a choice of 32 different formats to chose from.
That can be changed anytime needing different format.
Is that what is you looking for ?
Hope this helps.

No, @artytux, because that would change the file type that they’re saved as by default. I want to be able to copy screenshots as a file type different to the default, as aforementioned. Thanks though.

I don’t think I understand: when you copy the image, do you mean to copy “file://path/tofile.tiff” or to copy the pixmap to clipboard?

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@tubbadu, per:

…all I want to do is be able to save a captured image’s content (I believe that’s what you refer to by “pixmap”, certainly not its path) in a format different to the default configured in spectacle’s Preferences page without having to save it as a different file type first (after which it indeed allows me to do so, albeit solely as the file type I saved it as last).

Xclip could probably do it. You’d have to add an xclip command to the spectacle application. An example with scrot would be something like: scrot -e ‘xclip -selection clipboard -t image/png -i $f’. Dunno if it’d work with spectacle ( as in : spectacle -bc) though.

Thanks, @dzon. If it’s not possible in spectacle, I’ll just request it. It just seemed like it should be considering that saving the image as a different format half-worked.

Like I said, if you find the correct command, you can add it to the application itself as a desktop entry. Something like: spectacle -bc ‘xclip -selection clipboard -t image/png -i $f’
Dunno, worth a try.
Save to clipboard as a certain file type could be nice or a script that sets “paste pinboard stuff” to a fixed file type would also be nice of course.

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That’d just about work because I could pin it to the plasmashell Task Manager plasmoid. However, do you know whether it could be bound to a key bind, @dzon?

Like the post said, he doesn’t want to set it as whatever file type and change it every time he needs it in a different format.
A shortcut. Sure, make an application ( spectacle, maim, scrot…whatever)and create a shortcut for it. If you want it in the spectacle menu ( beware though, spectacle can have hickups with the pinboard format, that’s why I mentioned other simple tools) and add the desktop action to the application.

He can use Spectacle for TIFF and ksnip for PNG captures.

He could. But I have a feeling he just wants it in spectacle. If it’s only needed on rare occasions and spectacle should fail I suggested lightweight alternatives.