Can I force KDE applications to use Breeze outline icons rather than colourful ones, even when large?

The primary reason for this was that the outline versions of the icons were significantly more legible to me than the colourful ones.

Is there a way to force the outline versions of the Breeze icon set to be used system-wide rather than the colourful versions, regardless of icon size?

If the answer is as simple as copying the default Breeze theme and removing all the colourful icons now that the new icon fallback system exists, I’ll just do that.

If you overwrite all the colorful icons in your icon theme with their accompanying monochrome versions, it should have the effect you’re looking to achieve.

The only problem is that that isn’t easily maintainable. Would it be reasonable to request that using only the outline versions be added as an accessibility toggle, since it would provide the High Contrast icon set that’s currently missing from Plasma.

Indeed. Probably the sanest supportable way to do it would be for us to create a variant of the Breeze icon theme that did that replacement at build-time. It wouldn’t be trivial to do, but once done I think it would be nearly maintenance-free.

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Would it be okay for me to request that? I don’t mind if it takes a million years or I have to do the work myself it’s just accepted as feasible.

Yeah, I think that’s fine. I can recall other requests for something like that in the past. It can make sense for accessibility.

Note that we won’t be able to do it for any icons that don’t actually have symbolic versions, only the ones that do.

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