Can I get "close" button on a taskbar entry?

In a browser, tabs come with a close button:


Is there a way to add a similar close button to the task bar entries (which are above the browser on the screenshot)? I know that I can right click and select X from the context menu, or hover for some time, and select X on the preview, but I’d love the X to be exactly where it is in the browser.

if you enable the task preview in settings there is a close button on that.

I configure middle-click to close in both the browser and the task manager.

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My initial reaction was that it might be to risky and people accidentally close windows. But for browsers this is not a problem, howver there you can easily undo closing a tab if you did it by mistake.

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Yeah, I am not sure it would be a good default. But I’d love an option for that, as I am a risky person :slight_smile:

For the context, you can see that I run with “border less maximized”, so I don’t have the X in the usual place.