Can I make my transparent Konsole show my desktop wallpaper at all times?

I have my konsole set to be slightly translucent with a blur, which looks awesome, but sometimes I’ll have a website open with a color scheme that clashes pretty aggresively with my terminal color scheme. Is there a way to make it so that the konsole only shows the portion of the desktop it is hovering over, effectively cutting a visual hole in whatever other applications it might be on top of? Thank you in advance!

P.S. I choose not to just have a terminal wallpaper, as that way I can’t have the blur, which I really like lmao.

This is how “transparent terminal” used to be implemented - the terminal takes a screenshot of your desktop with everything minimized and then just renders that as the background of its own window. This was pretty horrible:

  1. When moving the window, the background didn’t update in time.
  2. I actually want to see what’s behind my terminals and read the text there.
  3. It requires X11 - with Wayland applications don’t have the permissions to do that kind of thing.

To implement this in a modern desktop would require some crazy support from the compositor and unfortunately I don’t see anybody doing the extra work to implement the “application requests that no other window buffers will be composited behind it” feature. You may want to consider doing that work yourself, though, and pitching it to the kwin dev team.

Ah, I see the issue with it now. Honestly this was more a minor quality-of-life thing than a necessity, so I’ll be fine just minimizing my windows. Plus, I have nowhere near the requisite tech skills to do something like that myself, haha. But thank you for the info!

I generally use Konsole on a virtual desktop of its own (and on a screen of its own, when I have the required number of external screens available) which solves the problem of “windows behind my transparent terminal are distracting”, and Yakuake (pull down terminal) for the "I just want to do something quick in a terminal while looking at other things on my screen.