Can I modify (transparent) folder view widget so that is shows list instead of icons?

The quickest way I have found to get access to recent files and locations is to use the “Folder view” widget on the desktop.

I want to use transparent folder view widget on the desktop to list recent files and recent locations, but I would like to have those as a list, not as a a grid of icons.

Does anybody have an idea if some change can be made inside the widget files for that purpose - and which change is that?

I have also posted a feature request here.

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No, I’m afraid not. List view only works on a panel. On the desktop it’ll automatically set to grid view and no option for list.

In fact we might get a way: Reddit - Dive into anything

That’s nice. Keep in mind though, some servicemenus do NOT work on the desktop. Not on files on the desktop or panel, no matter how you order the location of Desktop. They haven’t since 5.21-ish. For some reason, the entire desktop is not the same as desktop in dolphin. If you need, for example, copy/move to service, you’ll have to make it yourself.

This feature was added in v.3.0 of Transparent Folder View widget.

I cannot identify a service menu that is absent except copy/move to.

(I guess what you mean if you set the desktop to Folder view in Desktop settings, the context menu of files and folders thus seen on the desktop lack some service menus.)

Have you noticed some factors that make the difference?
I have also noticed that links lack the option “Show target” (to open the linked file’s location).

I made most of my servicemenus myself so I can’t check which default ones don’t work. I do know it’s better by now cause there used to a time a whole bunch of those didn’t work. As for that copy/move/target thing, you could add something like this to your servicemenus in order to get that functionality on the “desktop”. You’ll need xdotool and create a shortcut in dolphin for the target thing accordingly. Three of them work with a kdialog. Edit to your likings of course.
[Desktop Entry]

[Desktop Action copyTo]
Name=Copy It To…
Exec=cp -r %F $(kdialog --getexistingdirectory)

[Desktop Action moveTo]
Name=Move It To…
Exec=kdemv5 %F $(kdialog --getexistingdirectory)

[Desktop Action zinkIt]
Name=Link It To…
Exec=ln -s %F $(kdialog --getexistingdirectory)

[Desktop Action zowTarget]
Name=Show in directory…
Exec=xdotool key ctrl+y

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Thanks for the tips! Maybe you know if Is it possible to create a Dolphin service menu restricted to a specific location/path?

Ditch the kdialog and replace it with the destination you want.