Can I revert sound played on the audio volume change to the old one (KDE 5's)?

I’m enjoying new KDE 6 on KDE neon, but just one thing I don’t like in KDE 6 is the system sound played when I change the audio volume.

I usually change the audio volume when I play music on my PC and feel the volume is too small or too loud. KDE 5’s system sound on volume change was discreet and it didn’t prevent me to enjoy the music, but the new KDE 6’s sound is a bit noisy for me.
Since the new sound has musical scale while the old one doesn’t, the new sound is mixed with the music I play and produces dissonance. I’m not an expert in music and sound theory, but I guess that’s why it sounds noisy for me.

So I want to change the sound played on changing the volume, but how can I change it?

On KDE neon, the old sound is installed as /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo/audio-volume-change.oga. I want to use this sound instead of new one.

I found I can change some system sounds by opening System Settings > Notifications > Application-specific settings, but I couldn’t find the sound played on changing the volume.

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I also want the dev team to consider reverting the sound if there are some other people who think the new sound is noisy.

Here’s a poll:

Which sound do you prefer, the old (KDE5’s) sound played on volume change or the new (KDE 6’s) one?
  • Old one (KDE 5’s)
  • New one (KDE 6’s)
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You can switch to the old Oxygen sound effects under Colors & Themes > System Sounds. This will also change the volume feedback sound to the old one.

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Go to System Settings > Shortcuts > Custom Shortcuts. Add a new shortcut for Volume Up and Volume Down, then assign your preferred sound file.

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@arttuc @massacre Thanks!

This time, I applied @arttuc’s way. I successfully reverted the sound.

Because I usually change the volume by scrolling the mouse wheel on the sound icon on the taskbar, I guess @massacre’s answer will not work for me.
But thanks anyway for your suggestion!