Can I Use Original Photos Instead of Imports in Digikam?

Can I use my files where they are rather than importing a copy? I have too many files and I don’t want to take up more space. Plus I want to add name tags to the originals unless there is a way I can query the digikam db and then use that to data to update the original files.

My photos directory is 2.7T and I only have 192Gb on my personal space. I don’t have enough space to import all of these files. Is there another way to manage this?

I think you want to create a new Collection (Album) where the photos already are:

In digikam select settings
Then select configure digikam
Then select Collections

Then add the collection.

I’m not certain of all the behaviors myself, but I have had some issues with using the “Local Collections” choice for actual local directories. The “Removable media” and “Network Shares” choices work fine even if the directory is actually local and I think may work better than the local choice even for a local directory. I haven’t experimented enough (nor found the right part of the source code) to be sure of that.

I also don’t know how much your db would grow when adding info on 2.7T of photos, and whether that will by an obstacle to the operation I just described.

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