Can KDE Connect discover device on network via Ethernet if other device is connected via Wi-Fi?

I want to pair my PC to my smartphone and tablet, but solely the tablet and smartphone see each other. Is this because KDE Connect does not treat devices connected via Wi-Fi as part of the same network as the devices connected by Ethernet?

If not, this shall sound like a strange conclusion to jump to, but this is a frequent occurrence for me when using an Ethernet-connected Android device (albeit a more unusual situation).

I don’t believe kdeconnect cares how the device are connected as long as they’re on the same network.


Thanks. Must be something else, then.

What I do, is kill kdeconnect (pkill -9 kdeconnect) on all devices (on mobile I just stop the app or restart the device) and then start it again. And then other devices (unpaired/paired) in kdeconnect window are listed, mostly works.

If you use a firewall, make sure to allow ports 1714 through 1764 (inclusive) for your LAN.

See for more info KDEConnect - KDE UserBase Wiki

I use it like that and it should. You can also add it manually by ip from Pair new device > 3-dot menu

I’ve been totally unable to ascertain how to do a thing in YaST Firewall, and the KCM for it hasn’t been much assistance either. I’ll try when I can though.

My daily use of KDE connect is in a fully wired desktop connection and wifi android.