Can not pair Android phone and Linux Mint 21.1 desktop with KDE Connect

Every time i try to pair i get the following error:
Error trying to pair: This device cannot be paired because it is running an old version of KDE Connect.

The devices can see each other. I have the latest version of KDE Connect.

kdeconnectd is listening.

tcp6 0 0 :::1716 :::* LISTEN 1000 116575 6636/kdeconnectd    
udp6 0 0 :::1716 :::*        1000 116574 6636/kdeconnectd   

netstat -v -z 1714-1764 results in one successfull connection attempt.
Resetting the config did nothing.
Opening the ports in ufw did nothing, neither did disabling it.
I am using a wireless USB adapter running rtl8821CU (GitHub - brektrou/rtl8821CU: Realtek RTL8811CU/RTL8821CU USB Wi-Fi adapter driver for Linux).

Refreshing the device list in the mobile app causes an error on desktop:

org.kde.kdeconnect[6636]: QSslSocket: cannot call unresolved function SSL_CTX_load_verify_dir
org.kde.kdeconnect[6636]: An error encountered while to set root certificates location: ""

Any help greatly appreciated.

Apparently not. :slight_smile:

You may have the latest version of KDE connect that’s available in your distro, but you use Linux Mint, which ships old software, so it may not the latest version available upstream from KDE.

If this is the case, unfortunately it will not be easy to fix, since KDE Connect is not available via Flatpak or Snap due to needing to ship low-level system components. You might need to compile it yourself, or switch to a distro that ships more up-to-date software.

I’d suggest Garuda KDE Dradonized Gaming. It’s arch based, and because it’s a rolling release your software normally will be the most current.