Can someone please recommend a Plasma theme with transparent blurry widgets

I would love to see my background (blurred) behind the many widgets I have on my desktop, but I can’t find a good quality Plasma style that works for me, and I would love to hear some recommendations!

I’m using Twilight Breeze - light window colors with the Breeze Dark Plasma theme - so I’d like something that is a bit dark, but not totally black: I’ve seem some totally black themes that are pretty nice, but I can’t deal with the lack of contrast. Air has a nice transparency, but - it is light colored, not transparent enough, and AFAIK about to be removed in Plasma 6 anyway.

Your recommendations will be highly appreciated!

Well, someone might recommend you something but there’s a good chance you won’t like it. What you want to do is have a background svg in ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/whatever/widgets and edit it to your personal likings in Inkscape or something. If you don’t have such a file, I suggest you download a plasma theme that does and copy it in your current plasma theme to edit. For example:

@dzon - interesting. I was somewhat aware of Plasma styles made up of SVGs, but it doesn’t look straight forward - there’s a bit to learn about mangling the Plasma style SVG. I might play with it, but I don’t really trust my abilities on this front.

Also - can you apply blur with just the SVG file, or do you need something else? Is there documentation of how to create Plasma styles?

Yeah, you should find some doc on how to do plasma themes. And yes, you can define a certain blur on a svg file in Inkscape. Overall the blur depends on your overall settings in system settings.
Pick an easy one to start with. In the example I used the relax plasma theme. I believe it’s this one It has an “easy” background svg. Open that in Inkscape, do your adjustments, save, change to some other plasma theme and change back. Something like:

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Takes a bit of fiddling to do an entire plasma theme ( depends what exactly you want of course, how…um…elaborated so to speak). But in terms of the widget background, that’s the way to go.