Can the ability to mute users please be enabled on the forum?

As the title says.

Even though it is sad it has to exist, the usage is sometimes necessary to keep ones sanity intact.
Could this please be activated on the forum.

You would have to look at if they have such a feature.

That being said, it is probably better if you work out your issues. If you think they do something wrong use the report (flag) button.

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They do have that feature, but if it is configured for this forum, idk, that is why I am asking. :slight_smile:

What is better or not is for each person to decide, I just wanted the option.

Could be other reasons someone want to mute someone, not only reportable reasons.

Nvm, I am an idiot. I just have to click the user and enter their “profile” and then there is a dropdown.

“ignored” might even be better than “mute” for sanity reasons.