Cannot Add new Event to KOrganizer


Sir or Madam:

I have suddenly encountered problems entering events into my calendar. It has been running flawlessly for over a month now. Yesterday I attempted to import an .ics file from an organization that I import from on a regular basis. I have included some details below:

System: Dell Inspiron Laptop
O/S: Debian 10
Disk Space (open): root partition 120+ Gb.
/home, /usr partitions 1+ Tb.
Korganizer ver.: 5.9.3

What I was doing: While trying to import a new event to an existing calendar (.ics file) I encountered an “Unable to Append” error. The full text of the error is “Error while trying to create calendar item. Error was : Failed to append item.”

To me this could be a corrupted database. Seeing that all calendar entries were in tact I successfully exported the calendar to an .ics file. Next I created a Proton Calendar and successfully imported the .ics file into it. All events were there.

Next I uninstalled kOrganizer, deleted all related .ics files from /usr/* and my kOrganizer folder in my /home/mitcon/kOrganizer. The rationale was to recreate all databases related to kOrganizer and create a clean install of software AND associated DBs.

Next I reinstalled kOrganizer and created a new calendar. When I attempted to import the .ics file from step 1, I got the same error.

I’m at a loss…I LOVE kOrganizer but cannot use it!