Cannot complete CSV import from Charles Schwab

I read with great interest the discussion about another person having issues with importing csv data from Schwab. I also have tried to import data from Schwab but have a different problem. Because of the way Schwab send the information to me, I keep getting an error message about the date format being wrong. The date is in column 1 along with the name of the account, the term Symbol etc… I’v tried deleting all of the information and re-entering the date but I still cannot complete the import.

I think I see your problem. When you import a csv file, and tell it the date is in column 1, it expects a date in column one on every row to be imported, It is not capable of finding a date in a header row (whatever column) and applying it to every record to be imported. I believe the only thing the csv importer ever looks for in a header row is the account name or identifier, and that is optional.

I finally had a chance to go back and look at the CSV from Schwab. I tried to ‘edit’ one of the columns and insert the date on each line but that didn’t work. Your reply makes sense. Thanks. Not sure when I’ll get back to this one. Still working on setting up the other accounts that I use often. Thanks again.

The concept is to map the data to your CSV columns. Secondly, for date and decimal the format is required. If you could share the CSV, I can try and help you

Read your message late last night. I’ve attached a screenshot of the CSV file I get from Schwab. Thanks for offering to help.

The CSV screenshot indicate this is an investment. I donot see the date column, assuming 1st line date need to be replicated to all the rows. If this is the case, you have to modify the CSV received to have date column and map in the 4th step.

If you need further help, please reply.

Looking at the screen shot more carefully, I ask what data you expect to import. CSV import reads transaction data, not positions or current balances. That spreadsheet looks to be a report of your current holdings. KMM does not deal with that information.

I went to the Schwab site and looked under ‘History’. There I found a listing of my individual transactions. I’ll import that CSV file and see how that goes. Thanks.