Cannot connect to a WPA3 OWE wireless network


  • KDE Plasma: 5.27.10
  • KDE Framework: 5.113.0

Hey All,

I cannot connect to a WPA3 OWE secure Wifi network which is using the “transition”-mode. But connecting to a “naked” OWE networks is failing too.

It doesn’t seem to detect the WPA3 OWE mode and fails connecting to it:


This this a known issue?

Thanks a lot!

The OWE networks is getting detected as “Unknown Security Type”


Ooff… WPA3 is supported but WPA3 OWE is missing: 464615 – Support Enhanced Open (OWE) Wi-Fi security option

So it fails with the WPA3 OWE Transition mode where both (encrypted&non-encrypted) are running in parallel. This should - in theory - support legacy and modern devices running in parallel on a single AP.