Cannot create a KDE Store user account

Hi, for my lack of knowledge I am posting here. I am unable to create an account in order to work with KDE Store. This is the KDE Store website to affirm it is correct →

I have cleared out all the data and cookies from the webbrowser being used also.

Included is a screenshot of the account application form failing to accept my account information. I have shaded the more personal information with Gimp.

Can you refer me to a better place to ask this question if this is a bad place?
What is going on here?

Did you click on the register button?

Yes. I will attempt again to verify.

Same issue here.
Did you solved it ?

Hi, did you just have the issue today? I was not really able to “solve” it but I did create a KDE Store account eventually.

I used a different machine. I was then able to create the account eventually. I do not know why exactly. I asked this on Libera IRC KDE channel also initially. I was then told it is being looked into and not everyone is having the problem.

  1. Try to clear your browser history.
  2. Turn off all unnecessary extensions in webbrowser.
  3. Restart browser
  4. Try on a different machine if at all possible.

I was then able to register using my GMX email account finally.

-Best hopes

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