Cannot delete with Dolphin in Windows

I would like to take with me my Linux programs when it happens to boot into Windows. But I get this error when trying to delete a file in Dolphin:

Unable to create KIO worker. Can not find 'kioworker' executable at 'C:/Program Files/Dolphin/bin, C:/Program Files/Dolphin/bin/bin, C:/Program Files/Dolphin/bin/bin/kf6, C:/Program Files/Dolphin/bin/libexec/kf6, C:/gitlab/craft/windows-msvc2022_64-cl/bin'

It is version 24.04.70 from Index of /ci-builds/system/dolphin/master/windows

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I am having the same issue.
Did you find any fix ?

Have you tried previous versions?

Could you check if in C:/Program Files/Dolphin/bin/libexec and :/gitlab/craft/windows-msvc2022_64-cl/bin in one of the subfolders there is a kioworker executable file ?