Cannot get KDE to connect two laptops

I’m completely new to KDE Connect.

I installed it on my Linux Mint laptop and also Windoze laptop. I haven’t installed it on my mobile or tablet yet.

With both self named laptops connected to the router, starting up KDE on both laptops, neither KDE even sees the other laptop, so of course I cannot do anything with KDE Connect.

Does anyone have any suggestions please?

I don’t know how well KDE Connect works between a Windows and Linux desktop, but you may need to look at any firewall settings you may have. While the tool is primarily for mobile-to-pc, I do use it to connect Linux computers just fine.

I know in problematic devices, you can pair via IP from a mobile device, but I don’t see this option in any desktop settings.

Thanks claydoh. I wondered the same thing but then watched a video where this guy demonstrates KDE used to connect a Linux laptop with a Windoze one. You’ve just confirmed KDE will do this. Are you connecting via router or bluetooth?

Afraid I don’t know anything about firewalls so I think it’s safe to assume both laptops have their default firewall settings. I think what I’ll do is install KDE on my phone and see if either laptop can see it on KDE. I’m not feeling very confident :frowning:

No firewall outside of *buntu and fedora defaults, and on wifi. I don’t think Bluetooth is well supported despite it appearing to be. I have two phones and multiple Linux computers (4), even a Chromebook, and it works well (with the android app on Chrome OS having some oddities)

I don’t have every device interconnected or anything, I pair when I have the need to do so.

Sometimes I have had to add a computer to a phone via IP address, but this has been rare over the years.

Oh well, I installed KDE Connect on my Android phone and it too cannot see either the Windoze laptop or the Linux one - and vice versa.

For me at least, KDE Connect is about as useful as broken crockery - utterly useless :frowning:

I’ll just have to carry on using Samsung SideSync instead. Maybe KDE isn’t designed for ordinary folk - only tech’ gurus.

Check if your windows/linux/phone IP is from the same DHCP server.
windows run cmd: ipconfig /all
linux: hostname -I

Correct example:

Wrong example:

I have 2 routers , 1 main and 1 used as Wifi Repeater. I have to disable DHCP on the Wifi Repeater to get KDE Connect see both my pc/phone.

Thank you very much knwt. I’ll check those IP addresses tomorrow as it’s getting late here now.

Can I ask you please, how would I check the IP addresses for the Android phone and Android tablet?

That usually means they’re not on the same subnet. At work my laptop is wired but I also get it to connect to the wifi so that KDE Connect works.

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Oh. My Windoze laptop is connected by ethernet to the router. Is that why that device cannot see anything? Doesn’t explain though why the wireless 2nd laptop cannot see either phone or tablet and vice-versa.

Win subnet mask
Win IPv4 address
Default gateway
DHCP Server


Android phone

Android tablet

So I need to change the Linux somehow to match Windows ?
And then somehow change the android device IP addresses.

If I change so they all read the same IP address I’m wondering if I then get IP address conflicts.

How many routers do you have? The linux IP seems strange to me, normally it should be within 50ish unless you have tons of devices connecting to the same network. Try to ping and see if it’s possible. Example on Linux(same for windows too)

Try 5Ghz wifi if you were on 2.4Ghz before, I saw some mention it worked for them.

Check for firewall issues


They’re all 192.168.1 so my idea is not it, sorry.