Cannot get Schwab transactions to import & reconcile

Was able to get the complete transactions file to download. But KMM asked for symbol information for a lot of the transactions (70 +) before I was allowed to import the file. So I put in what I thought would work and i then completed the import. However, when I began to reconcile the ledgers nothing worked correctly. I had decided to begin with January 2023 as I have done with other accounts. I entered the beginning & ending balances for January and moved on. The only transaction for January was an interest payment. No purchases or sales. I continued with February, March, and April etc., the beginning and ending balances each subsequent month remained the same as the beginning/ending balance for January. Each month I changed the ending balance to reflect what was on each statement. Each month the balances reverted back to the same as at the beginning of February regardless of the fact that there were cleared transactions. The transactions did not reconcile even when I clicked on ‘finish’. I ended up deleting everything in both the investment and brokerage accounts; deleted both accounts and started over. Once I had set up both accounts again making sure I had followed all of the necessary steps, I proceeded to again download the transactions from Schwab. When I tried to import the file I kept getting a pop-up message telling me to fill in the missing symbols. The entries without symbols are for interest going to the brokerage account and for other information such as transfers from TD Ameritrade to Schwab etc. KMM will not let me bypass this in order to proceed. How do I get past this?

This screenshot shows the blanks in the symbol column I was speaking about. Sorry for the extra message.

If it insisting on a symbol for banking transactions (as opposed to investment transactions) then perhaps the issue that it is not properly recognizing the type of transaction for that row. I certainly don’t recognize everything in column 2.

For example, rows 64 and 65 are both “Internal Transfer” but 64 appears to be an “Add shares” and 65 appears to be some sort of cash deposit or interest payment. The importer determines how to process a row by the “Action” column, and all rows with the same action need to be the same activity. I have not done an investment csv import in a long time, but I believe that the importer will also prompt for a translation if it does not recognize the activity.

To simplify troubleshooting, I would start by splitting up the csv into a bunch of smaller files, perhaps start with only 10 or 20 rows. Once things go more smoothly, you can process all remaining row.

Let’s get the import working first, and then perhaps start a separate thread for problems with reconciliation.

Thanks I’ll give it a shot this week.