Can't add Nextcloud server on Manjaro KDE

Hey, I’m running Manjaro KDE (testing branch), and for some reason when I try to add my Nextcloud server in Kontact or Korganizer testing the connection or trying to get the list of calendars returns “Invalid responses from backend” and fail.

My phone and my desktop running GNOME are able to access the calendars just fine, so I’m not sure why kdav isn’t able to.

Weirdly, the OpenDesktop Nextcloud instance still works, I just can’t add my personal Nextcloud.

You are probably adding the wrong url. You can check you server’s access/error log and try to figure it out. Or you may want to provide some more info here, like screenshots and server’s logs. Be careful: there might be info that you don’t want to share.

Edit: (just in case) please see the following. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure Kontact to sync with nextcloud

unfortunately I’ve tried that, I still get the same error.

I’m looking into if it might be something wrong with my Nextcloud instance