Cant boot Neon Testing live USB

I seem to get to where it loads the nouveau driver and then stalls out with a grey screen. Attempting to boot the live usb with safe graphics results in a brief appearance of the cursor on a black screen, then back to a prompt then back to a cursor as if it is crashing and looping.

I tried waiting it out for a few minutes in both the normal and safe graphics modes, but nothing changed.

I have tried a couple different ISO versions over the past two weeks.

I use dual Nvidia GPUs with multiple displays on an MSI X470 and Ryzen 5 2600x with 16gb of Kingston HyperX 3200 on a desktop PC, not laptop. Bios firmware is up to date.

Is the new testing ISO defaulting to Wayland? Might this be the issue? My machine does not like wayland.