Can't change Tablet Orientation

I use a Huion H640P tablet on Fedora KDE, using sudo libinput list-devices it says Rotation: n/a on Pad (pen and pad are different devices) is there a way to maybe force it?
If not, is there a list where I can find devices that will be able to rotate or smthn ?

// I installed Open tablet drivers and I just rotated inside them without issue, seems like the way huion drivers worked in Windows, but it’s still weird for me that I can’t just use the option inside KDE, but I don’t know the inner workings of tablet driver here.

What version of libinput are you running? I remember before a certain release, all tablets had to opt-in to rotation but that changed.

Edit: The magic number is 1.25: (click “Tags containing commits” to see if this is in your version)

1.26.1 is my libinput version.

Ah sorry, I should’ve done more research on my end. For KDE, orientation is apparently done via a calibration matrix and so you’re actually looking for the value of Calibration:. I’m going to shoot a guess and say that it also says N/A :confused:

Yep it’s N/A, but thanks for help! I tried out the Open Tablet Drivers, and their implementation of “rotation” it’s fine if I set it up, but they lack pressure sensitivity so I will just stick to horizontal.

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