Can't get KMM to install on /win 11 - help, please

Just got a new PC with Win11. I’ve been a KMyMoney user for several years using Version 5.1.0-d60b0fa1e on win 10, so I’m trying to install KMyMoney v5.1.3 and move my kmy file across. But I can’t get it to work.
The Win installer asks me several questions about what sort of use I’ll be using (didn’t understand these), and then quits. Double-clicking the .exe file gets me a rapid splash screen, followed by a “Tip of the day” screen, which disappears after a few seconds. I can’t get KMM to start, so that I can open my .KMY file.
I’ve uninstalled and re-installed – no change. What am I doing wrong? Help, please!

PS: I’m using kmymoney5-mingw64-5.1.3-3.1.12-setup.exe.

Can anybody please help me get KMM v5 up and running on Windows 11?
I tried uninstalling both KMM 5.0.1 and 5.1.3 to start with a blank sheet (neither of them had worked). Then I tried to install KMM 5.0.1 - but all it installed into “Program Files\kmymoney5” was a folder called share\icons, with lots of subfolders containing loads of .svg files. No bin or lib directories, so of course KMM won’t start.

Ok, forget it. Somehow I’ve managed to get it working. Goodness knows how I did it.

Hi there, i know you said “you don’t know how you got it working”, but did you do anything apart from countlessly reinstalling it? I am facing the exact same issue. It starts and the empty “Tip of the day” Window comes up. It loads and then crashes.

I uninstalled the latest version (5.1.3, I think), and installed an earlier one (Version 5.1.0-d60b0fa1e). It then started to work. Best of luck!

Hi, I am facing the same problem! Can you share, where can download the older version Version 5.1.0-d60b0fa1e? Thank You!

Sorry, pal. I can’t now find it on kde’s downloads ar4ea. Suggest you post an issue report asking where to find it. Best of luck!