Can't get more than 30hz on my TV

I have a mini computer on my tv and wanted to use it with KDE but it can’t detect the real refresh rate of it. I Try different distros that use KDE and try it on an other TV too.
My 4k monitor is detect correctly
My two 4k TV is locked at 30hz.

Right now i use Gnome because it can correctly detect the refresh rate of my 2 TV.

I’m just a average user so i don’t really know if you need anything just tell my i will post it.

The computer is a beelink AMD Ryzen 7 5700H with Radeon Graphics 32gig of ram

Edited: Just forgot to say that the same problem happen on X11 and Wayland

Are you sure it works in GNOME? Check out 4K 30Hz vs 4K 60Hz? Is Your Current Video Adapter Living in the Past? – Juiced Systems.

Yes. The easiest solution i fund was to install Zorin since it use gnome and have a Plasma-like UI and i will just wait for Plasma 6 to see if this problem is solve.

Thx for the answer

just want to say that the problem got resolve with Plasma 6