Can't get my Wireguard VPN to autoconnect

Hello. I’m currently using Fedora KDE and have a self hosted Wireguard VPN server that I want to automatically connect to as soon as my system boots. However, if I try to check the “automatically connect to VPN” box the connection fails and I have to manually reconnect to my network and VPN. If I ignore this setting and check the “Connect automatically with priority” box on the VPN settings itself I get a popup on boot that says I have “limited connectivty”, everything seems connected but I still have no internet and have to manually disconnect and reconnect to the VPN for it to work. I’ve had this problem on other distros running KDE so my best guess is that it’s a KDE problem. I’m happy to provide any logs or system information to help solve this issue, if anyone knows what I might be able to do I’d appreciate it a lot.

Thanks in advance.

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