Can't interact with the system when monitor is turned off

Hello. Is there a way to keep the screen “enabled” when I physically turn my monitor off? For example - if I play a video on YouTube, I want to be able to pause with a space bar it when my monitor is turned off. Problem is that, when I turn off the monitor, my keystrokes and mouse are not registering. Also when I power on my PC with my monitor turned off, all I get is a black screen and the only way to fix it is to hard reset. I use Fedora KDE with Wayland, single monitor connected with DP to an AMD GPU.

I do this and mine works fine. Do you happen to have your keyboard and mouse plugged into a USB hub that is built into the monitor? If so, turning off the monitor would turn off the keyboard and mouse as well. I can’t think of any other reason this would happen.

It depends on what kind of monitor it is.

I have an HDMI monitor where turning off the power button doesn’t actually cut the signal, it just blanks the screen. So I can still move my cursor onto the (now blank) screen and use it (well, sort of…)

However for other monitors, pushing the power button might actually cut the signal so that Plasma sees that it’s no longer available.

If you have a monitor that actually cuts the connection, you might look instead into using setting a keyboard shortcut for the “Turn off screen” action, which you can find on the Shortcuts page in System Settings


It’s an LG UltraGear gaming monitor (27GP850P) and my peripherals are connected directly to my PC. Also, I’ve just tested it in Windows - I can pause the video when the monitor is turned off. I would like it to behave that way in KDE. Another issue that’s probably connected to this is that after power cycling the monitor, or just waking it up from power save mode, all my desktop icons switch positions randomly. Maybe there is a way to stop Plasma from detecting that the monitor has been turned off?