Can't run KDE in two TTYs simultaneously

The second instance is just black with the cursor whether TTY1 (the default for my system) and the subsequent TTY is using startx or startplasma-wayland.

When I do so, taking screenshots with spectacle causes the compositor to crash, and in fact, entirely reboots my machine.

Make sure to run a separate dbus session for your second plasma session
dbus-run-session startplasma-wayland


That works! Thanks, lots. I couldn’t find that method online.

Would it be reasonable to suggest at that if the same user tries to run startx or startplasma-wayland from two separate TTYs, Plasma would detect that and automatically reinvoke itself with dbus-run-session startx?

The consequences otherwise are really bad – an error shouldn’t usually cause the PC to shutdown, right?

If anyone submitted a patch to do it, we’d probably accept it, but I don’t think it’s worth tracking with a bug report as this is like in the 1% of rare use cases of the 1% rare rare cases.