Can't run Marble QML examples

I am trying to work with KDE Marble and I see this document.

import QtQuick 2.1
import org.kde.marble 0.20

MarbleWidget {
  projection: "Mercator"
  mapThemeId: "earth/openstreetmap/openstreetmap.dgml"

QML debugging is enabled. Only use this in a safe environment.

qt.qpa.qgnomeplatform.theme: The desktop style for QtQuick Controls 2
applications is not available on the system (qqc2-desktop-style).

The application may look broken. QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load
component qrc:/main.qml:4:1: module “org.kde.marble” is not installed

I also can’t run and test examples/qml/.

I use:

  • Fedora 38
  • Qt 5.15.10

I could build and install Marble, and its widgets work correctly, but I can’t try its QML example.
I need help ,

I should mention that I installed marble in my system from its doc and it works okay for Widgets example. But for QML I have issue with import org.kde.marble 0.20 it couldnt find it and also in examples qml files import Qt 4.7 which are too old version.
I cant understand what should I do to use it in Qt 5.15.

I also ask it in this Stack Overflow thread