Can't search text in PDF files - Okluar

I use KDE Neon. Please help me search text in my PDF’s.

Do you mean searching a pdf in okular or doing content searching in dolphin?

The former. I received some PDF files to review. I open them in Okular and try to search for key terms but the search completely doesn’t work.

Are these pdfs in latin alphabet? Can you select some text from these and then copy/paste the selected text to some text editor (eg kate)? If yes does the pasted text appear correctly?

Can you also check the following pdf and see if you can search terms on that?


For whatever reason, I can search in that PDF. Can’t search in the PDFs I was e-mailed, however. Yes, they are in the Latin alphabet just like that PDF. No, I can’t select any text and copy and paste anything. Different behavior in the PDF’s I was sent versus the PDF you linked there.

Yeah! apparently the pdfs you got are scanned documents. Ie they don’t contain real text but they are just images


Also, they are asking me for digital signatures. When I looked into that on YouTube, meaning how DocuSign digital signatures work, the signatures is a generic signature type of font generated from my full name. How is that considered a real signature if it’s so easily forged? I guess the idea is that no one else would have access to the digital document? So any old generic signature shows that I agree with it?

I’m afraid I have no answer to that. My rental manager also uses DocuSign for signing the leasing document but the whole procedure happens in DocuSign’s web site, in which I have to login. ie the docusign entity acts a an authority in that case.

I know that okular supports signing through pki signatures but I have never used that feature so I can’t help you on that. Sorry :frowning:

If you need to sign a document in okular maybe you should create another topic with a relevant subject and mark it with the tags “okular” and “document-signing” in order to draw the attention of the right people.

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