Can't send multiple files from PC to android

hi guys
it’s possible to send multiple files from android to PC, but unfortunately that is not the case the other way around. sending only one file from pc to android works, but with 2 or more files i only get this screen:

when i click ok i get error window: couldn’t share.
not sure if this is a bug or not yet developed functionality.
workaround is to zip the files or send one by one ofc.

bug report of the same issue here:

thanks for this nice software

You are on Windows, right?

Can you describe what steps you are doing?

yes windows with latest version of kde connect standalone


  1. mark multiple files in windows explorer
  2. right click “send to” → “remote device via kde connect”

Looking at the code it only handles one URL being sent, not multiple: urlhandler/kdeconnect-handler.cpp · master · Network / KDE Connect · GitLab

Fixing that should be relatively easy, but I don’t know if that’s the only thing that’s wrong

not for me it isn’t :smiley:
maybe worth a try for u? :wink: