Can't switch KDE Activities in a Easy way like BEFORE

Recently, I started to update to Ubuntu 22.04 and installed KDE 5.24.7

As a KDE user for almost 10 years, there are some changes in new system that i find difficult to accept.

1 Why i can’t switch KDE activities in the “Recently Used” order like Task Switcher?

Now, there are there activities: A, B, C. If i stay on B activities, both Meta+Tab and Meta+Shift+Tab switch to A( the first one).

I found this “Stacking Order” can be change to “Recently Used Order” in Task Switcher, but there are no same options here for Activity Switcher.

2 Focus is LOST after switching.

After switching A activity to B, i can’t focus on the first application. Any Key pressed will start KRunner. What’s worse is that the first application in B activity will be the last one while using Alt+Tab to focus on it.