Can't tabs be disabled in Dolphin?

I never consciously open new tabs in Dolphin, and I have the option to open in tabs unchecked in the Dolphin configuration.

Yet there is constantly a long list of “tabs” up there, which just annoys and confuses me. Having read a bunch of old web search results on this, I’m getting the feeling that there is no way to disable this.

Must I really see that list of tabs which has no meaning to me as I have not opened any tabs and don’t want to open tabs?

I’m trying to figure out how come you have tabs in Dolphin without actually opening new tabs.

The only use case I can reproduce is configuring “startup” behaviour to “show on startup: folders, tabs and window state from last time”. Then if you use the application menu, krunner or command line to “open a folder”, then Dolphin will open with the “folders, tabs and window state” from last time (likely just one of those) and then add the new folder you requested as a tab.

I’m not loving this behaviour, but I don’t need the “remember state” feature - its not a web browser - so I just set the startup behaviour back to “use default location”, and then there’s no problem.

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The other way to open tabs, is to middle click on things.

Yeah, that’s it. Good. Weird how easy it is to overlook configuration options even though I’ve looked through them numerous times recently, searching for solutions to my many frustrations.

Programs like Dolphin, Kate and Konsole are very powerful, but they have a LOT of options. I still prefer them to simpler programs that, to me, lack too many features. The great thing though, is that once you get everything the way you want it to be, you can save your ~/ directory and all those settings will just follow you. I can take a clean install and have all my stuff in the time it takes to copy my ~/ folders in to place. That just leaves me editing a few files in /etc.