Caps Lock + Numpad OSD Indicator

Hello, is there a KDE equivalent to the “Lock Keys” Extension from GNOME?

Currently, I’m using the addon “Key Lock State 1.1”, but it doesn’t show a OSD Notification.
I want to see the Caps and Num State on the Tray as well as having a notification.

Thank you!

Plasma has a “Lock Key Status” widget in the system notification tray, that is set by default to “show when relevant” (see the system tray configuration dialog) - which means it is only shown if one of the keys that it is set to show is in the “locked” state, and otherwise it is hidden (it doesn’t even show in the system tray overflow widget).

The default configuration of the “Lock Key Status” is to only show for Caps Lock, but you can also enable it to show Num Lock by configuring the widget. Start by showing it, either:

  • By locking the Caps Lock key, and you’d get the icon in system tray:
  • Or by going into the system tray configuration dialog, find the Lock Key Status entry in the entries list and set it to “Always visible”.

Then you can right click the icon, select “Configuration” and enable “Num Lock”.

The Lock Key Status widget does not have an on-screen notification feature, but it sounds like a nice feature to have - if you want to open a ticket in about it, I’m sure someone will take a look at it.

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