Capture file management (deleting scrapped takes, renaming files etc)

I am trying to capture my voice during a project, and I am stressed out about the wav files.

Each time I start a new recording it creates a numbered file (capture0000.wav). I managed to change the configuration so they end up in a subfolder in my project.

But every single time I push the record button, including failed takes, I get another file, which kdenlive locks up so it cannot be deleted in explorer until I quit the whole program. This is even if I delete the file inside the project. As a result I end up with x5-x10 amount of numbered wavs, with no idea which ones to delete until I meticulously check which.

To make matters worse, I can’t find any way to rename the files, so I can tell which ones to delete once I quit Kdenlive. As a result I felt I needed to spend the bulk of my editing time quitting Kdenlive, spend time to detect which numbers of wav’s to keep and not keep, then delete them, or cave in to accept my harddrive will end up with a big quantity of junk wav’s.

Any help to reduce this conundrum would be great. Is this how it supposed to be or am I completely missing something?

Hi, and welcome to the forum and community.

Please file a corresponding [Feature Request] in to get this looked into and resolved. Thanks!

Hi there Berndmj

Good idea, I will do this!