Challenges with kmenuedit on Centos9Stream

Hello folks,

I’m a longtime KDE user, but recently joined the forums here to contribute, as well as to solicit assistance with a few things I don’t understand, and google searches haven’t been fruitful.

I’ve recently built a Centos 9 Stream VM (in v17.5.0 of VMware Workstation).
I wanted to update the mouse menu, as I’ve done with KDE on Centos 7 previously.

I created a New Item, and placed it at the very top of the menu, with a couple of ‘Separators’ below it. Strangely, after Saving, and opening up the Application Menu with my mouse, the new item appears at the bottom of the list, vice where I’d placed it at the top.

Here is an image of this:

How can I place items in the menu order I wish them to be in, save it, and then they appear as constructed?

How can I get the separators to display in the menu, too?

Otherwise, is this now the ‘normal’ behavior?

Thank you.

That application menu sorts alphabetically and puts new entries at the bottom, below the default ones. If you want some sort of cascading:vertical menu with custom entries, the only one ( in pure kde style that is) I know of that actually respects what is set in the menu editor,is the old application menu.