Change color settings

Why don’t you add a GUI color panel similar to this, that can be used to change intensity of red, green, blue (for all brightness, contrast and gamma), besides hue and saturation? It even allows you to create multiple color profiles:

This sounds like a cool effect - and the Plasma Desktop Effects framework lets you do it standalone without requiring anyone from the KDE project to work on that, and then you can publish it on where other people can enjoy it.

I’m sure if you code it - people will appreciate that capability.

I can’t do that. I read online some people giving up using Linux because they can’t use a color panel like the one I posted above.

:person_shrugging: you can’t win them all.

lol sure :sweat_smile:

Eye strain should have a high priority

Night Light does work great for most people.

If the feature that you want isn’t there - it is probably because the unpaid volunteer developers that build KDE have not found it interesting enough to stop doing the other things that they believe are critical for Plasma. If you believe this feature is important - you are welcome to try to implement it yourself or pay someone else to do it for you.