Change of fonts of Menu bar, menu items,tool bar and navigation bar (home, accounts, institutions, etc)

I’m wondering, where can I change the fonts of the menu, toolbar and navigation bar (on the left of the ledger)?
It appears to me that the app has changed the fonts since the last update.
I tried to change the fonts in settings → Configure KMyMoney → fonts but there are no entries for those entities I mentioned earlier.
Can I change the fonts is some config files? If so, which one would that be?
Many thanks in advance for any help.

KMM version 5.1.3-2fecc3fb5 on Linux Mint 20.4

I’m pretty sure that KMM does not control menu and toolbar fonts - I would check KDE’s System Settings for that. By the navigation bar, if you mean the view selector (one icon for each main view in the program,) I’m not aware of a way to change that font, but I actually suspect it is the same font as used either in menus or on the toolbar.

Thanks Jack,
my first response would be … I don’t have KDE installed on my system.
Second thought, when I’m doing a search on my system for KDE it tells me there are some portions of KDE, e.g. KDE connect (KDE Connect, Indicator, Connect settings and KDE Connect SMS) resident on my system even though I never installed them.
The question is, is there a KDE system settings now on my system, and if so where are they located (Linux)?
Quite puzzling for me that there would a settings for a system that I don’t have (knowingly) installed.

First, you need to distinguish between KDE system settings (files with information about default (or not) settings used by KDE applications, such as fonts and paths) and the KDE System Settings application which you use to modify those settings.

You may not be running a full KDE/Plasma system, but if you have installed KMyMoney, then your system installed a number of KDE components as dependencies. (Let us know if you are runnning an Appimage, which is a rather different beast for this discussion.) In any case, when you run any KDE program (such as KMyMoney) for the first time, partly on its own and partly as a result of invoking some of the underlying KDE libraries, it will create a number of configuration files containing (among other information) defaults for things like fonts. There exist some applications which store their own settings (commonly under /etc) but these are mostly applications not specifically related to or part of a particular Display Environment. Those related to Plasma or whatever Gnome’s DE is called (you can tell my bias here) are likely to use that DE and it’s underlying settings management system. So - while it is always possible to install a Gnome application under KDE or a KDE/Plasma application under Gnome, doing so will pull in dependencies from the other system. Depending on the particular application and your tolerance for this “intrusion” the footprint of the dependencies may be considered minimal or prohibitively intrusive.

If you do not have a full KDE/Plasma system installed, then you may want/need to explicitly install the KDE System Settings application (the executable is systemsetting, although it is more commonly called as systemsettings5. It shouldn’t be too hard to find it in your Distro’s package manager, especially if a full KDE system IS available for your Distro.

I suspect this is far more than you wanted to hear about this, but unfortunately, Linux is not a fully coherent environment, and getting different pieces to work together that were not specifically designed to do so is not always trivial, although I suppose it is amazing how often it does “just work.”

Thank you for the look behind the scenes, Jack.
As a seasoned software developer and IT PM (ret.), I appreciate the details.
Too often I’m missing more technical details about Apps and packages that are available on Linux and would explain the logic/layout of settings and data structures of the specific app.
My distro (Ubuntu/Linux Mint) has a package called system settings and it’s explained as “… part of the KDE base workspace”. However, it is currently not installed.
I would like to tackle the settings of the fonts in KMM and will spent some time to find out where those settings are stored (any hint is appreciated).
Is there a developer documentation for KMM?
Have a nice day.

I think your path of least resistance (at least in the short run) is to install that settings application. It will be the easiest way to determine if I’m right about KDE managing all menu and toolbar fonts. If it works, you can see about creating a more direct app/script for doing so.
I really don’t know exactly where the KDE default font settings are stored - but likely somewhere under ~/.config. Note that for those menu and toolbar fonts, I’m pretty sure KMM does not directly address them, leaving it up to KDE.


i have also noticed a change in the layout (font, color…) of kMyMoney since i installed a recent update.
My OS is Elementary OS 6.1.
Here is the look and feel:

The new version look and feel is not comfortable, the text is too thin for my eyes and therefore i came back to the older version.

IIRC there is a settings application for Qt programs (like KMyMoney) preinstalled in Linux Mint which is called QT5 Settings.
In theorie you should be able to change fonts etc. with QT5 Settings.

If you want to change QT5 Settings back to its defauls, just remove its settings file (in a terminal emulator enter rm /home/$USER/.config/qt5ct/qt5ct.conf), log out and in again.

@schwarzerkater thanks for the suggestion.
As said above, my OS is Elementary OS 6.1. (ubuntu-like). I don’t have QT settings.

See the comments above about installing the systemsetting5 application, even if you do not run a full KDE/Plasma system.

thanks for the suggestion.
I tried to install “systemsettings” from the Synaptic software (here the Synaptic screenshot after installation)

Installation worked.

After that i start “systemsetings” and see this:

i cannot find anything related to fonts or text color settings.
the only visible settions are regarding internet connection, web shortcut, proxies etc.

That is the right application, but it is only showing two groups of settings (workspace shortcuts and network settings) where I would expect several additional entries. My next suggestion would be to ask on an Elementary forum or mailing list.
Another possibility is to try the snap version of KMyMoney (Install KMyMoney on elementary OS using the Snap Store | Snapcraft) It might have the same problem, but it might not.
Also, does Elementary package KMyMoney itself, or only provide/suggest the appimage version? If it does, it might pull in as a dependency something that might help with configuration.

thank you for your answer.
At this stage, i will stop my investigations here. The software is working well for me with the " 5.1-403-" version, it is not worth the effort for version " 5.1-607".