Change screen resolution for specific program only

I run a couple of wine applications on my MS Surface Pro 3. They run from the Launcher menu. Normally, screen resolution is 2160x1440 and 175% scale, which is fine usually.

The wine apps are almost impossible to read, the fonts are so small. Changing the font does not help, as the dialog boxes don’t resize and half the words are cut off.

I would like to change screen resolution when I run the apps. For me, it’s no big deal, as I don’t fear the console. For the wife, it is a big deal, and it should happen automagically when she clicks on the icon in the menu. It should also revert to normal when she shuts down the app.

I wrote a bash script to test the theory.

kscreen-doctor output.1.mode.3
kscreen-doctor output.1.scale.2
kscreen-doctor output.1.mode.0
kscreen-doctor output.1.scale.1.75

This worked as I was hoping. Resolution changed until I closed konsole, then changed back.

When I replaced konsole with this

wine /home/me/.local/share/wineprefixes/32wine/drive_c/users/Public/bin/achef/ACCUCHEF.EXE

I got an error and the app crashed.

In the kmenu the settings are
Environment Variables


Command Line Arguments

'C:\users\me\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\AccuChef.lnk'

Notice that in the menu the command line is a .lnk file, however that works.

Is changing the screen resolution considered an environment variable? Can I add the kscreen-doctor commands somewhere in the menu settings?

Or, should I be trying to get the bash script to not throw an error? Then create a new menu entry pointing at it?

I read one post where Python was used to create a script to do this, but that seemed more elaborate than should be required. Or is it?