Changing Lockscreen and Wallpaper on Plasma 6

Hi, I am trying to change the lock screen and wallpaper of KDE Neon Plasma 6 to something else instead of the default choices.

I have changed the wallpaper via Right Click > Configure Desktop and Wallpaper, however, what I chose doesn’t change the Lock screen, and I can’t find any options for changing the lock screen.

There’s also a bug where the second screen shows the default wallpaper of KDE Neon instead of what I chose.

Unfortunately, the default options are not the best in my opinion, and I didn’t have this issue on KDE 5, otherwise, I didn’t need these customizations.

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iirc you do need to change the wallpaper for each screen individually, so you will need to right-click on the other monitor as well, unless you mean that your choice when right-clicking on that screen is not being set?

For the lock screen, search for “lock” in System Settings, or go to Security and Privacy >> Screen Locking >> Appearance and select the background there.