Chinese language input setup

I just switched from Windows to Linux and installed KDE Neon. I am trying to install the Chinese keyboard, I have added it through keyboard layout settings. but it doesn’t switch to Chinese. can anyone help me and give me the steps to do it. thanks in advance

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Here is the procedure I used:

sudo apt install ibus ibus-sunpinyin

Right-click on the EN icon that appears on the taskbar, select Preferences. Select the Input Method tab. Select Add. Select SinPinyin and Add. Configure activation shortcut. Then:

im-config -n ibus

Logout and then log back in. Chinese input should now be available. To switch between English and Chinese input, either select the icon on the task bar, or use the activation shortcut (I set it for Ctrl+Space, but I don’t remember if this was the default shortcut).


Thank you soo much. It worked for me.

Is ibus recommended over fcitx5 for kde/qt today?

Recommended? No idea, ibus was what I got it to work with first.

for me fcitx5 works better. on Debian Bookworm. Only it removes my other keyboard layout.

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