CLI command to import shortcuts?

I have a shortcuts.kksrc file with my exported keyboard shortcuts. I know how to import it through settings GUI. Is there some CLI tool to allow importing in automated fashion?

$ plasma-import-shortcuts ./shorctucs.kksrc

In case this is an XY: I one to synchronize important shortcuts between two computers. My plan is to put .kksrc file into a git repo, which is checked out on both computers, and add the importing script to my autostart sequence. I don’t want to copy the entire kglobalshorctucssrc because it includes unknowable mess with UIDS like

_k_friendly_name=Activity Manager
switch-to-activity-6059eb93-0f51-41e7-8311-7f247d38511e=none,none,Switch to activity "Default"

and because, seemingly, it includes all global shorcuts rather than the small subset I’ve actually bothered to change.

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knowing any arcane dbus command would also be good to write custom hacks around this, if anyone can share their knowledge.

My workflow is to keep the shortcuts in sync among computers and plasma updates.

it’s very manual for now.

  1. open settings
  2. export to cur-file
  3. check diff from-git cur-file
  4. update from-git file as needed
  5. import from-git file
  6. commit from-git file

thankfully i only need step 3 to 6 when i notice changes in plasma defaults. otherwise i mostly import blindly since i’m imaging other systems anyway.